How to Find Us

The “John’s Hotel” is located close to the “old bridge” that connects Chalkida and Evia with the mainland. We are situated just behind the main coastal promenade on which you can find a wide selection of cafes, restaurants and shops. You will see our location on the map below.

It is very easy to reach Chalkida. If you are travelling from Athens, then you will take the main motorway and head northwards. You will see road signs for Chalkida, which you just need to follow in order to reach the town. From Athens, you can reach Chalkida in under an hour by car. There are also local bus services to and from Athens.

If you are travelling from the North of Greece, you will take the main motorway and head south towards Athens. Again, you will see roadsigns for Chalkida, so just follow these and you will easily reach the town.

If you need any additional instructions about finding our hotel feel free to contact us.

Aggeli Goviou 9, Chalkida
Evia 34100 – Greece

Tel: ( + 30 ) 22210 24996

MHTE: 1351K013A002110




Το ξενοδοχείο μας παρέχει ειδικές τιμές για τους επαγγελματίες που επισκέπτονται την πόλη μας. Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες επικοινωνήστε απευθείας μαζί μας στο 2221024996

Αγγελή Γοβιού 9 – Χαλκίδα
Εύβοια, 34100
Τηλ: ( + 30 ) 2221024996 - 2221024997 - 2221024998
Αριθμός Ειδικού Σήματος Λειτουργίας – (ΜΗΤΕ): 1351K013A0021100