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Our hotel is located in the capital town of Chalkida on the island of Evia. You can enjoy year round holidays in Evia as it is a fantastic travel destination throughout the year. There are lots of great beaches, interesting sights and places of interest that visitors can enjoy. The island is ideal for those who love the outdoors and is perfect for hiking and outdoor sports. Below you will find an overview of some of the highlights of Evia.

John's Hotel is situated right in the heart of Chalkida and is perfectly positioned to offer you the best of this fascinating and beautiful city. We are located close to the market, the courts, and the famous promenade which is a great place to enjoy a nice walk or stop for a coffee or drink. The old bridge is also right near us and it is here that you can see the Tidal Phenomenon of Euripus.


Chalkida is the capital town of Evia and is a great place to visit. There are some very interesting places to see and experience in Chalkida, and our hotel is centrally located.


Evia is a perfect holiday destination for those who enjoy a variety of sports and activities. We can arrange a number of activities for you to enjoy during your holidays to the island.


All around the island of Evia are numerous churches and monasteries that attract large numbers of visitors from all over the world who come to Evia for religious tourism.

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Our hotel provides special rates for professionals visiting our city. For more information contact us directly at 2221024996

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